Magic, Lead, and Gingerbread

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Christmas comes early when word arrives that the Pinecroft Inn has been chosen to host the holiday special for one the most popular cooking shows in the country. But when a shot rings out in the dead of night and one of the show’s judges is found murdered in the inn’s kitchen, Tamsyn must figure out what happened before her beloved Aunt Gwen is thrown in the slammer.

As if the present isn’t complicated enough, there’s trouble brewing in the Roaring Twenties when rival bootleggers go to war and Lillian’s caught in the middle. Has Tamsyn finally stumbled upon the motive for the flapper’s death? The answers require another trip to the past, but this time she won’t be traveling alone, at least not if Noah has anything to say about it. Is it Tamsyn’s magic that lets him journey along, or is the mild-mannered doctor hiding some secret powers of his own?

Working two cases nearly a hundred years apart would be a strain for any witch, but Tamsyn’s perseverance just might pay off when a clue from the 1920s leads to a breakthrough in her aunt’s case. But will Tamsyn’s revelation be enough to convince the authorities of Aunt Gwen’s innocence and bring the judge’s true killer to justice?

1 review for Magic, Lead, and Gingerbread

  1. Dawn Brown

    With a popular food show host dead and her aunt as the prime suspect, Tamsyn has her work cut out for her to solve the murder.
    Loved it! The story was cute and the narration was wonderful. I particularly lived what we found out about Noah and then Tamsyn at the end.

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