Maddy’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 20)

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Jimmy Doyle has a good job and great prospects, but he has never known what it feels like to have a family. But as things around him begin to change, he wonders if he could be blessed to find love. But having never known what it feels like to belong, will he recognize true friendship and affection when it is offered him?

Maddy Bryant lost her parents when she was only eight years old. She has been pushed from pillar to post ever since but finally found a stable position in the Kendall’s Cambridge town house as a maid. But her place becomes untenable when a new cook and butler are appointed. Too proud to ask her friends for help, she tries to take matters into her own hands. An unexpected find on a train changes everything, but is destiny merely taking matters into her own hands?

1 review for Maddy’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 20)

  1. Cindy Nipper

    Ooh! I loved the ending!! I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a monkey in it before! I’m guessing this one was as audacious as the one in Night at the Museum movie! The narration was great except for the Russian accent! Lol! That’s definitely a difficult one!! I love how this one is so connected to Rose’s Destiny!

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