Lux et Tenebrae The Three Siblings

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Lux et Tenebrae (L.e.T for short) means light and darkness in Latin. This is a supernatural thriller about three siblings, their ties to each other, those they meet, and their supernatural heritage. It has fast-paced action, comedy, and a little romance. But at the heart of all this is a story about family.

One summer evening the quiet of the night is stripped away when a group of monsters attack a defenseless family, but they are quickly saved by three mysterious siblings with supernatural powers. This leads to a chain of events that will change the lives of these three siblings forever as they learn about what and who they really are. Follow the three siblings on an action packed journey as they fight the monsters hiding in their world, confront their past, and learn about the mysterious heritage passed down to them by their parents. Nothing is stronger than the bonds of family.


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