Lucky Inheritance

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When Clarissa Kelly inherits an Irish castle, there’s only one thing standing in her way – the devilishly handsome man living there.


Wildheath Castle is rightly mine. No one on earth cares more about that beautiful relic than me. I’ve been the caretaker for the past five years, and the old man promised he’d leave it to me.

Now, his American granddaughter has come all the way to Ireland to usurp me. But I’ll not let that lass outfox me, no matter how badly I want to press her against the wall and give her a proper welcome.


Right away, I know Ian O’Brien is trouble.

With those flashing eyes as green as the countryside and his nature as hard and unforgiving as the rocky Irish cliffs, the man is intense.

And for some reason, he expects me to just hand over the keys to my birthright. 

Yeah, that’s not happening. Because, where I come from, possession is nine-tenths of the law. So, I’m moving into the castle with him, and I’m not leaving.

1 review for Lucky Inheritance

  1. Brooke Ehly

    A sweet story that puts two people you wouldn’t think would fit together perfectly. I loved the twist that brought them together as well as the inner struggles that they had to overcome. Narration is awesome. I loved the Irish accent.

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