Loving an American Spy


William Collins never wanted to leave the comforts of Lilimar, his home. One day, the plantation would be his, and he’d poured his heart and soul into making it thrive. War breaks out around the world, and it becomes clear that he has to do his part for his country. If he has any hope of living the life he dreamed of, he first has to find peace to do it. So, he enlists as a gentleman spy and throws himself into danger without a second thought.

Victoria Grant is the daughter of a vicar. She has a strong sense of duty and is trained as a nurse. When her country is thrown into war, she steps forward to join other nurses in tending to the wounded. She travels from camp to camp and helps where she is needed. On a train to France, she encounters an American gentleman, and an unlikely friendship forms between them.

The war that brought them together separates them. Years later, their paths cross again, and they have a chance at love once more, but Victoria’s fears might keep them apart. They survived a world torn apart by war; only time will tell if they find a love that will flourish….


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