Love’s Security


She’s on the run from a stalker. He can’t stand city-folk. But when she shows up in his town, he can’t let her face her trouble alone.

Annabelle’s stalker breaks into her apartment and leaves a gift. She must flee. But where can she go where no one can find her? Shady, WY and the uncle no one knows about seems the perfect place to lay low. While it seems like the perfect plan, she arrives to find her uncle is on vacation and the handsome rancher next door is her only option.

Ranch owner Luke fights against his dislike of big city dwellers to help the niece of his closest friend. He has two ranches to run, but she should be fine in his guest house. They butt heads at every turn, but he sees her strength and it’s compelling.

As the danger mounts, Luke wonders if he’s really the best man to protect her, but can he give up that job to just anyone?

Love’s Security is the third book in the inspiring Dawson Valley contemporary Christian romance series. If you like natural and flawed characters, emotional journeys, and compelling faith-filled romance, then you’ll adore Kari Trumbo’s touching story.

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