Love Renewed

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Kaitlyn Bell thought she was going to marry Dillon Fields until he decided he needed to see the world. She waited for him to return, but when the communication stopped, she married another. Unfortunately, that marriage wasn’t a good fit. When she is asked to redecorate the Fields’ winter lodge, she is hesitant at first, but after being assured Dillon won’t be there, she takes the job.

Dillon Fields thought he wanted to see the world, but ten years after leaving his hometown, he finds himself unable to commit to his relationship. After a bit of soul searching, he realizes it’s because he’s never gotten over his high school sweetheart, Kaitlyn. Unfortunately, he has no idea where she is now. He decides to spend the Christmas holiday with his mother at their lodge, but he gets more than he bargained for.

Will Kaitlyn and Dillon get their second chance or will the past keep them apart? Find out by clicking above.

Second Chance with You is a series written by a group of sweet, clean romance authors connected by the the idea that past loves, broken apart for a myriad of reasons, can be brought back together—some by chance, some by circumstance, some by choice.

3 reviews for Love Renewed

  1. LadyM

    this is a new narrator for me, and for the most part I liked her performance. There were a couple of times where there were flashback scenes that I didn’t realize were flashbacks and it was a little confusing. I don’t know if that is anything that could have been done differently by the narrator. Usually in a book a flashback scene is in a different type and you can easily tell. honestly though, that’s my only complaint. this was a cute little story with an extra twust, and of course a happy ending. I’ve listened to a couple books by this author before and I like that it doesn’t come across overly preachy. I don’t specifically read clean or Christian books, so it’s nice that the religious aspect isn’t the whole story.

  2. J. Hart

    I am definitely a fan of Lorana Hoopes and this book did not disappoint! I love a book with a mix of romance and a little suspense. The story finds Kaitlyn and Dillon reuniting during the holidays and old feelings rekindling. Narrator Janine Brands did a wonderful job voicing the characters. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    Did you ever wonder what would happen if you were reunited high school sweetheart? Second chances don’t come around often. Kaitlyn takes a job for the interior design of a winter lodge. Her old boyfriend’s mom is there, but she figures she will be gone prior to him coming home for Christmas. Dillon is tired of traveling and is coming home early for Christmas, and guess who he finds there! Now faced with memories and a surprise Dillon doesn’t expect, will these two find their happily ever after? I loved this story. The flashback scenes give us a good understanding of the past and how it affects both Dillon and Kaitlyn. Lorana Hoopes writes her stories with faith and care, and this one is no exception. We feel Kaitlyn’s hesitancy but her undying love for Dillon. And with the hint of suspense she adds in, it just gives the story that much more depth. Each of her books touch my heart and I love their warmth.

    Janine Granda narrates this story with entertaining voices. She adds just the write amount of inflections so we can feel and understand each character,and her children voices are amazing! Her performance enhanced the story and made it very pleasing to my ears.

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