Love, Lies, and Murder on Mackinac

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Shanna Cavenaugh was found by her husband Caleb at the bottom of their iron winding staircase, dead. Donna and Drake, Caleb’s twins, were put in his best friend Sophie Carmichael’s care. When Caleb gets out of prison due to a new tip and a new investigation starts, his children want him to live with them and Sophie and he acquiesces to their wishes.

Sophie has been in love with Caleb for years, and helping him clear his name brings that love to the surface, again, but it scares Caleb. He pushes Sophie, but then he realizes that she has and always will be there for him. As the new trial looms near, he is terrified. Will he, again, be torn from the family that Sophie has tried so hard to create with him, or will he see that family is all he really has?


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