Lost in Thought: Memories of an Abused Child, the Horrifying True Story

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What would you do if you knew a child who was being abused? If that child was a member of your family? Would you call the authorities and have the child taken away, or would you turn a blind eye? 

These are the kind of questions that Lost in Thought provokes. The author, who lived through the atrocities mentioned in this audiobook, paints a vivid if disturbing image of child abuse and how it affects the psyche as one grows older. What begins as abuse leads quickly to suicidal thoughts and loss of control.

Lost in Thought is the unbelievable true story of a child who was in this predicament. His mother, who was hooked on prescription pills, sexually abused him for years and convinced him that nothing was out of the ordinary. Family members knew of the horrifying situation yet did nothing to stop it. He distanced himself from his family as he grew older only to become more of an outcast.

This is the powerful true story of a man who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome on the autism spectrum in his mid-20s, overcame adversity, and took back control of his life before it was too late.


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