Lost Book 5


Devin Murphy wants to leave his violent past with Piper Monroe and find a happier, calmer life; he can only accomplish this by being a key witness in a court case against the man. When two undercover officers try to take him to a safe house before the trial, Devin finds both men dead in a restaurant’s restroom and runs for his life.

Molly Basset, the owner of an adult shop The Pleasure Hole, finds Devin on a park bench, crying. She gives him a job and helps him start a new life. Devin thinks things are finally taking a turn for the better when he discovers his birth mother has lied to him his whole life, causing an untold tragedy.

Detective Adam Potter is going back to work after purchasing a new home with his lover, Patrick Valdez. Pat is concerned for Adam’s well-being on the job, but no matter how Adam tries to reassure Patrick, it seems to fall on deaf ears.

Before Adam leaves to go to work, he receives a visit from A. J., his ex-boyfriend. A. J. asks him to deliver a summons to Sergio Blackheart. Adam sees nothing out of the ordinary until he meets Sergio who mistakes Adam for his lover. Later, when A. J. shows up at Adam’s office, he confesses to Adam that he still has feelings for him. Patrick is feeling trapped and alone with his parents out of town and is not too pleased with being the one left to finish unpacking their new home. Then to find Adam’s ex-boyfriend, Detective A. J. Chance is on his doorstep to see Adam is too much. In a tantrum, he runs out of the house and into Anton Potter, one of Adam’s fathers he and his brothers call “Mom”. Anton tells Patrick he’s come to spend the day with him, but actually needs Patrick’s help in talking with someone he believes is his long-lost son.

Their stories intertwine when Patrick gets abducted by Piper Monroe and is used as a bargaining chip. Piper orders Adam to exchange Devin, the star witness in the case against him, for Patrick. Adam racks his brain as to why Patrick was pulled into this and holds deep resentment toward Devin who happens to look almost exactly like him.

Can Adam keep his wits while he figures out a way to save Patrick and check his feelings toward A. J.?


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