Longren Family Trilogy: Clean Historical Western Romance

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These three brides have more to worry about than navigating life as newlyweds if they want to hold on to their happily-ever-afters….

Maggie Lucas leaves her hometown, bringing with her a little bit of luggage and a whole lot of nerves as she journeys to her new home in Nevada. Maggie anticipates a marriage of convenience in a place she’ll find tolerable, and not much more. With her new home and relationship threatened as the market for silver begins to dry up, will she be able to keep this newfound life in the face of ruin? Or will it all come crashing down around her?

From day one, Chloe Anders knew Matthew Longren would one day be her husband. As he opens a hotel in Virginia City, everything seems to have aligned for Matthew and Chloe to finally marry – but danger lurks in the quiet town.

Matthew’s love of trains brings the newlyweds to Reno as he finds work for a company with a history marred with violence. When this violence ends in murder, the two find themselves on the move again as they pursue peace and contentment. Will they finally shake the danger that seems to be following them?

When Kitty Collins flees from her home in Gold Hill, the last thing she’s looking for are more complications. But that’s exactly what she finds as two attractive cowboys come into her new life as unexpectedly as she left her old one.

When Kitty runs to her sister’s cattle ranch, she doesn’t find the quiet ranch life she expected. Instead, she finds the place under siege from all sides. Can Kitty leave behind her past as she tries to save the ranch? Will she be able to choose between Robert and Luke?

In Longren Family Trilogy, you’ll find three enthralling tales fraught with danger and daring as these three brides battle against the odds for their chances at happiness.

3 reviews for Longren Family Trilogy: Clean Historical Western Romance

  1. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    Great Historical Romance
    I received a free copy of this audiobook from AudiobooksUnleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    Three in-depth adventures of the times and lives of three woman ensconced in the Longren story. I enjoyed the characters told in first person and the industries of the times. Hutch and Matthew Longren were involved in a silver mine, a hotel in Virginia City, and Matthew goes on to engineer a train as the industry comes to town. In the first book, Maggie a midwife comes to town from Boston and resolves her issue of which brother to choose. Chole loved Matthew all her life and that story is told in the second book. The third story is of the daughters of the Longren brothers only sister, Annie, and explores the lives of a rancher and cattle herders and the problems of ‘fitting in’. Two separate narrators were very good and I would recommend this trilogy. The author chose to identify this as a clean Western and there was plenty of romance without the details.

  2. Misty

    I love Amelia Rose. I like the way she writes and her stories. However, this series felt like it was not written by her. It is written in the first person, which is just odd in my opinion.

    I do like the characters in the book. I listened to this on audio and it was good. Not great, but ok.

  3. Benita Dilley

    A clean, lightly Christian Western mail order bride trilogy of novels with well developed subplots.

    Longren 1. Silver Heart. 248 pages. 2014. (Maggie and Hutch) Maggie Lucas, Bostonian midwife and mail order bride, arrives in Nevada to see her intended’s mine begin to fail as the silver veins and market play out.

    Longren 2. Steel Heart. 204 pages. 234 pages. (Matthew and Chloe) Matthew, brother to the hero of book 1, is a new casino owner and considering finding a wife in Virginia City and begin this “Perils of Pauline” style plot. (Yes…but will anyone from the Cartwright family stop by?)

    Longren 3. Cowboy Heart. 2013. 130 pages. (Kitty and Luke)
    The story of the daughters of the sister of the heroes in books 1 and 2. When Kitty Collins runs away from her complicated life in Gold Hill, Nevada, the last thing she’s looking for is more complications. But complications are exactly what she finds, in the shape of two attractive cowboy suitors.

    Would work as stand alones. Best read in series order.

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