Little Love Affair

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Knox Township, August 1863.

Sentiments are running high following the battle of Gettysburg, and although the draft has not yet come to Knox, “Bloody Knox” will claim lives the next year as citizens attempt to avoid the Union draft. Clara’s brother Solomon is missing, and Clara has been left to manage the family’s farm, caring for her mother and her younger sister, Cecelia. 

Meanwhile, wounded at the battle of Monterey Pass but still able to escape Union forces, Jasper and his friend, Horace, are lost and starving. Jasper wants to find his way back to the Confederacy but feels honor-bound to bring Horace back to his family, though the man seems reluctant. 

Note: This is Southern Romance series, book one of four.

1 review for Little Love Affair

  1. Benita Dilley

    Near Gettysburg in 1863, Clara is trying to help her family’s farm survive when she encounters Jasper and Horace, Conferate soldiers injured at the battle of Monterey Pass. Good narration. Clean wholesome love Civil War story.

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