Literally Offed (A Pepper Brooks Cozy Mystery)

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Thoreau found peace in the woods. All Pepper finds is trouble. 

Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than a dead body. Pepper Brooks planned a peaceful week in the woods with friends to get away from the stress of daily life. When her dog, Hamburger, sniffs out a murder victim, suddenly, the woods feel as far from the tranquil Walden Pond as possible. 

Pepper and Alex refuse to let law enforcement brush the case aside. They know there’s more to the story. Their investigation unearths long-buried secrets from Pine Crest’s past, some of which hit uncomfortably close to home. This case is more than a murder mystery. For Pepper, it just got personal.

1 review for Literally Offed (A Pepper Brooks Cozy Mystery)

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. To be honest I had never heard of Thoreau but as it is just his ideas and a few quotes it really didn’t matter and I enjoyed it for the mystery side of story rather than because of a famous writer (which is featured in each book). The mystery was interesting and with a fraternity involved there was a lot of suspects from both past and present to wonder about. You were given plenty of clues to work out the motive and killer yourself, which a good cozy mystery should be all about. I liked the characters and thought they worked well together, even Nate the scary guy from the coffee shop added to the adventure and of course the loveable dog Hamburger. This is the fourth book in the series so if you haven’t met Nate or Pepper and the gang then you have missed out on a lot of fun and background on the quirky characters, it isn’t really necessary though to enjoy this book but it does help. Can’t wait for the next book.
    Pepper and her friends decide to take a break from the stresses of life and seek a quieter and simple life for a few days by camping. Things don’t go to plan and the only place left on the site to pitch there tents is next to a group of fraternity boys who’s only plans are to drink the weekend away. Then they scary themselves silly telling tells around the campfire and Pepper spends the night with one eye open, even Hamburger doesn’t find the break so restful and her little dog can sleep through anything. A fight breaks out between the boys and Alex wants to break it up but Pepper convinces him that he is not on duty. Things soon quieten down until the next morning when Hamburger discovers the body of one of fraternity boys. Did the fight escalate that much? The sheriff is quick to rule it a bear attack and close the case but both Pepper and Alex don’t see how a bear can reeled a knife. Why is the sheriff trying to cover it up? The more they look at the group of boys the more questions they turn up and one leads Pepper to start questioning everything she thought she knew about her dead father. Could her dad really have been involved in the underground society? The fraternity and hazing was supposed to have stopped but as far as Pepper can see it is still alive and well, well apart from the dead leader. Can she and Alex find out what is really going on and set Pepper’s mind at rest about her father?
    I liked the narrator and thought she did a good job of building up the tension and mystery, as well as the great voices needed for the story.
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