Liberation (Moonchild #2)

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A late night distress call sends Asher and Scarlett to the seediest part of the Columbus in search of Paget, but there’s no sign of her. With all the clues pointing in one direction, they leave the city and head for the country in hopes of finding Paget hiding among her own people in Hocking Hills. Only it seems the danger may have followed them, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake and putting Paget in more danger than ever before. With each turn Scarlett learns more about the woman who used to hold Asher’s heart, and she suddenly finds herself unable to deny how she really feels about him. Only, with Paget in trouble, Scarlett can’t help wondering if Asher is as over his ex as he claims to be.

1 review for Liberation (Moonchild #2)

  1. RJ

    Scarlett carries the scar of the meeting with Asher’s father when they disrupted the slave auction. Scarlett continues to vacillate over her feelings for Asher. The poor girl will not stop demonizing herself; convincing herself that she is not good enough and will only wind up hurting him. With the jealousy triangle involving Paget in full swing, or is it a square now including Katana, tempers flare and Paget runs from the group. Months later there is no sign of Paget until a hysterical radio call comes into the airship. The group, including Asher and Scarlett, rise to the occasion to go looking for Paget. The search will cover the city and out into the country where Paget’s family lives. The desperate search and heightened emotions will bring people closer together, revealing more of our group’s history. Will our intrepid group rescue Paget? Will Scarlett figure out which end is up? Stay tuned. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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