Legend of the Sword Bearer Tempest Chronicles, Book 1

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It looks like a game. Looks can be deceiving. Paul Nelson, the CEO of Tempest Inc, has developed another world and he’s ready to send in another consciousness. This time, though, things are different. Those that came before have caused some troubles and his world is in peril.

For Steve, it’s a last chance. He’s got nothing to lose. And who knows, it might be fun?

1 review for Legend of the Sword Bearer Tempest Chronicles, Book 1

  1. RJ

    This is a pretty good story and I liked the swordbearer hook, it leaves a lot of room for additional adventures and sub-plots. The setting was sort of a planned reincarnation, uploading the consciousness to the game world. I find it difficult to classify this in the litRPG genre. To me, it’s simply a magical fantasy adventure with a few basic game elements thrown in to capitalize on the popularity. I find it interesting that there is no major female character. There is plenty of action from start to finish but the whole point of the adventure seems to get lost in the action. The story flows from one fight to another with no particular goals being met. Sort of one dimensional or tunnel-vision-esk [sic]. The mixture of technology with sword and magic is a nice twist and a major element in the story. Three-point-five for potential. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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