Laylea: A Wyrdos Tale

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Sometimes it’s a dog’s life….

For 13-year-old Laylea, sometimes it’s a human’s.

As a werehuman she’s still learning to shift between dog and human form, which is challenging at best. Then there’s survival. The only work she can find is as a supernatural private investigator, which seems like a sweet gig until all hell breaks loose.

When a witch turns up dead, Laylea is on the case. But solving the murder may just lead to her own death or worse. And she still has to find the time to prevent the unleashing of an ancient demon here to bring about hell on earth. What’s a dog to do?

Laylea is part of the Wyrdo’s Urban Fantasy series. If you like the snark, magic, and action of Jim Butcher and Patricia Brigg’s books, then you will love the Wyrdos series by Gwendolyn Druyor

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3 reviews for Laylea: A Wyrdos Tale

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed book one of this series (Dee) and Laylea story is just as good. I already have a soft spot for her having met her in werehuman the witches daughter and shifter school, and this one is just as good. You don’t need to have listened to Dee but as Laylea is talking about what happened that fateful night (this is a story about her perspective) I think it does help as In this book it explains a few thing that went on that we didn’t know. Can’t wait to see what Junior has to say. The story is very good and Gwendolyn cast her own magic with her words, how else can three perspectives of an event still be fascinating with each telling? Maybe down to the weird and wonderful characters.
    Laylea a 13 year old girl, unable to go to school in case she shifts to her dog form and to young to work in the wrydos pub is running her own business as a supernatural private investigator. She is trying to work out how a witch got killed. Oh and she knows what happened to Dee’s policeman partner Kyle. Sworn to secrecy she must help him to go through the change and become one of them a wrydo and the only way she can is by going over the events of the previous night and hopefully In the process solve the witches murder at the same time. That is unless she gets killed.
    Gwendolyn is such a talented lady not only does she write great stories but she also gets to narrate them. This really helps because knowing the story inside and out means she knows exactly how she wants it to sound and the emotion and suspense really comes through.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review

  2. Nicollette Blackeagle

    I loved the concept and writing of this book. the characters are well developed and the storyline flowed and kept me engaged. Gwendolyn Druyor again does an excellent job in writing and narrating her amazing stories. I loved her voices for Jane and the title character Laylea. I highly recommend this book. I received this book from Audiobooks Unleashed and this is my honest unbiased review. I can not wait to read more from this phenomenal author.

  3. Daniel Davis

    Another entertaining romp in the Wyrdos Universe as we touch on events from from Dee and Junior this time as they happened to Laylea and we get to see Dee’s former partner learning more about him after his appearance in Werehumans 3

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