Last One Standing


Last One Standing is the 11th book of W.J. May’s best-selling series, The Chronicles of Kerrigan. 

Rae Kerrigan and her friends have finally crossed the line, and this time, there’s no going back. After a violent standoff with the entire Privy Council, the gang wakes up under the protection of the last people they ever expected to see: the Xavier Knights.

Old bridges are burned. New alliances are formed. There’s a storm brewing on the horizon, and unless they unite together – it will overtake them all. What they need is time. But an unexpected visit from an old enemy sets off a spark, and suddenly, Rae’s entire world is in flames.

Can she and her friends get the people they need together in time? Even if they can, will they ever be strong enough? More importantly, are she and Devon strong enough to survive what’s about to come

A dangerous game has begun and the only question that remains is: Who will be the last one standing?

Series Order: 

Prequel series:

  • Christmas Before the Magic
  • Question the Darkness
  • Into the Darkness
  • Fight the Darkness
  • Alone in the Darkness
  • Lost in Darkness 

The Chronicles of Kerrigan series:

  • Rae of Hope
  • Dark Nebula
  • House of Cards
  • Royal Tea
  • Under Fire
  • End in Sight
  • Hidden Darkness
  • Twisted Together
  • Mark of Fate
  • Strength & Power
  • Last One Standing
  • Rae of Light

The Chronicles of Kerrigan sequel:

  • A Matter of Time
  • Time Piece
  • Second Chance
  • Glitch in Time
  • Our Time
  • Precious Time

The Chronicles of Kerrigan: Gabriel

  • Living in the Past
  • Present for Today
  • Staring at the Future


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