Lacy Heart’s Single Dad Romance Collection



After the accident, the chief was pushing me to retire.
Being a firefighter was all I had ever wanted, what I lived for.
Well, other than my 12-year-old daughter, Abby.
Raising her as a single dad, much less a busy firefighter, wasn’t easy, but life never is.
Then, a call came in from an all-too-familiar area code.
I was being beckoned back to my hometown, back to Canon.
I had left that small town years ago, leaving behind a lot, including…her.

Change Up

Baseball has always been a part of my life, but being a pro-ballplayer isn’t without it’s drawbacks. That big house I built back in my small hometown sits empty most of the year since Izzy, my daughter, now stays mostly with my parents…ever since her mother, Rachel, left.

Now, without a team to play for, I find myself heading home. Maybe it’s a good thing. I can focus on my daughter and my life. I need to get things straightened out, including that hole that I never filled after Rachel was gone. But is there anything that could keep me in town if another team came calling?

After Midnight

Coming back to civvy life has been difficult. I’m used to being a soldier and having a clear mission. Now, I’m a single dad with a son who’s about to graduate and go off to college.

I want be there for my son and I want to get back to a normal life…but something is holding me back. I can’t quite pinpoint what is missing. What it is that keeps me up at night.

Or I couldn’t, until I walked into the Moonlight Diner and met her.


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