Kurt Hunter Mysteries-Volume One


Backwater Bay


When a body is found floating in the mangroves of Biscayne National Park, Special Agent Kurt Hunter has his first real case. He’s not looking for the spotlight or notoriety – he’s had both with disastrous results. But that seems unavoidable as the trail leads him to South Beach and his introduction to the culture there is anything but comfortable.


In the National Parks Service’s version of the witness protection program, Kurt quickly finds out that the pristine waters surrounding Miami are very different from the National Forest he transferred from. Follow Kurt through this new world as he unearths a crooked families greed to solve the case.


Backwater Channel


That’s what special agent Kurt Hunter thought until, while out fishing, he witnesses a murder at the Turkey Point nuclear power plant. After being assigned the case, Kurt is pulled into the convoluted politics of Miami only to find out that the embattled power plant is only a pawn in a more deadly game.


Greed and corruption are nothing new to pristine Biscayne Bay. With the plant’s miles of cooling canals providing essential habitat for several endangered species, Kurt is thrown into a rift between warring environmentalists and power-hungry corporate executives all trying to advance their own agendas.


Backwater Cove


When National Parks Service special agent Kurt Hunter finds a woman washed up on his remote island in Biscayne National Park the case leads him to the world of high rolling boosters and the young players who will do anything to make their mark. 


With millions on the line in the world of college football, recruiting the top players is crucial. Money and women are often used to lure the top high school prospects to schools. With big penalties for getting caught, boosters will do anything – even kill – to cover their tracks and keep their alma maters on top.



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