Krakenstein VS. Koalatron


Cleaning up is dirty business. 

Especially when you’re Argiss Valance, a ruthless corporate magnate, and you want the world to see you as its ultimate philanthropist…even as you secretly plumb the ocean’s depths for the key to immortality. Enter Koalatron, a towering garbage-munching mechanical marvel, the brainchild of Valance’s brilliant wife, Deanna, and a cutting edge genius, Dr. Max Shepperton. 

When Shepperton goes missing and an unspeakable, relentlessly growing sea-horror rises, Deanna, her journalist half-sister Key Sharlayne and renegade eco-vigilante Jeremiah Savage find themselves in a terrifying showdown between titanic machine and irresistible leviathan: Krakenstein vs. Koalatron!

Book 1 of The Krakenstein Chronicles.

©2017 Kevin Candela (P)2018 Kent Hill Productions/KHP


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