Knight of the Hunted

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Knight of the Hunted is a 2019 Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal Winner!
**Slow Build Reverse Harem YA Paranormal Romance**
—Completed series—
Lisbeth has dutifully obeyed vampire law for over four hundred years.
Yet, to save the life of one innocent child, she will risk everything.
Now, with the Council’s Hunters on her heels, her only chance of survival is to run. Lost and starving, she stumbles onto Knight—who harbors dark secrets of his own. As a Lycan, he is fated to be her enemy. But honor demands he keep her safe, no matter the cost.
Forced together in the fight of their lives, the pair find their forced alliance developing into something more. With darkness lashing at them from all sides, the only thing that can save them is the most powerful force of all… love.
Knight of the Hunted is a must-read, young adult page-turner written by Elizabeth Dunlap!
As mentioned in the description, this is a slow build reverse harem paranormal romance. You may not see the harem for several books, but don’t fret! It’s definitely there!
If slow build isn’t your thing, that’s completely fine! But if you don’t mind waiting a little for it, keep reading!

2 reviews for Knight of the Hunted

  1. Mia Harper

    From one act of kindness, Lisbeth’s life spirals out of control, and she starts to question the laws she followed for 400 years and her beliefs. I enjoyed Lisbet’s and Knight’s friendship, but was heartbroken it took her so long to realise how she felt, and shocked at what she does in the aftermath! I really enjoyed this book and will be starting book 2 straight away!

  2. Kayla

    I found this highly entertaining. I couldn’t stop listening to it. Highly recommend it. I started the second book as soon as I finished this one.

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