Kiss My Heart Goodbye

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Sullivan Brady has always followed his own rules. The biggest one: Don’t get attached. When his sister went missing when he was a child, it taught him a hard lesson. Sometimes loving someone leaves you open to unimaginable pain. He vowed to never be in that position with anyone ever again – until Lana. She alone touches his heart and has the power to heal age-old wounds. When she almost dies, he loses it and starts to question every decision he’s ever made.

Surviving a car accident quickly followed by heart surgery leaves Lana Kelly vulnerable. She’s always had a soft spot for Sullivan but has tried her best to keep him at a distance. Only a fool would trust him to honor a commitment regarding matters of the heart. He’s known for his serial dating and inability to love. When he starts a campaign to win Lana’s heart, she is ill prepared to fight him.

As the days go by, Lana starts to believe in a happy ever after with Sullivan. Someone else has other ideas, though, and they might not survive long enough to discover what true happiness is.


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