Killer on Call 6 Book Bundle

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Death is too good for some people.

But it’s better than nothing.

Tim Goodenuff kills bad guys for a living. He loves his job. But even a world-class assassin needs help sometimes.

Hang onto your seat because the Killer on Call series does not stop. Zip through murderous adventures as Tim ropes his dream girl, Kissy, and her boyfriend, Avi, into his ne’er-go-right assignments.

They may survive. But at what cost?

Welcome to a series filled with danger, drama, and a really dumb assassin.








(Bundle does not include rehab.)

1 review for Killer on Call 6 Book Bundle

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Author and Narrator, Bruyor brings this 6-book mystery/thriller to life. Great character development and story-line, I just hated that the primary evil “bad guy” keeps getting away. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of bad buys getting what’s coming to them in each book, and our protagonists take some nasty beatings getting the job done. So, action, suspense and lots of twisting and turning in the plots make for a fun read/listen.

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