Killer of Killers 5: Radio Silence


The mysterious man known as the Radio Killer has figured out where Kalen McDonald and his family live.

It is only a matter of time before he strikes.

He needs Kalen to die. He cannot continue his depraved game of murdering prostitutes with the Kalen hunting him, promising to end his life and his sadistic game.

As the Radio Killer draws ever closer, another man comes to the attention of Kalen. He is a man who has determined he must have a woman he desires. The lovely Shelby Marris is in his crosshairs.

It does not matter that she has a boyfriend, or that she despises him. He wants her and he will move heaven and earth to have her.

As these two situations converge, Kalen must balance his pursuit of the Radio Killer and saving Shelby’s life, while making sure his wife, Tisha, and son, Brent, are safe.

The tension mounts and the pressure builds. Kalen knows his duty and the task at hand. He is the protector of the innocent, the savior of those who cannot save themselves. While the circumstances grow more tedious, with the Radio Killer closing in, Kalen has a final card up his sleeve.

The Radio Killer knows Kalen, but he doesn’t know of his closest ally.

Time is running short, very bad men are coming, but waiting for them is an evil much greater than they have ever known. Waiting for them is the man the media calls – The Killer of Killers.


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