Kill for Satan!

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2019 Splatterpunk Award Winner for Best Horror Novella

On the night before Halloween, a Satanic mass is held deep in the woods outside a small American town. Followers of the dark faith are assigned a mission in a message delivered by the devil himself. On Halloween, they must deliver a bounty of pure souls to their dark master. By killing virgins. 

As Halloween begins, so does the all-day horror movie marathon hosted by Count Victor von Gravemore on Channel 39. Many will be watching as real horror invades their lives and screams ring out all over town.

1 review for Kill for Satan!

  1. Alan Preece

    They always say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this is what we are always told and most of the time its true; but with Bryan Smiths Kill For Satan! it probably best you do just that.

    The cover to Kill For Satan! is a nice piece of artwork, it’s mostly functional with a good “finish” and doesn’t approach the subject in too abstract a fashion. Basically what you see is what you get, and sometimes this is the best approach to something. You can sometimes be too “clever” and produce artwork that misses your key audience and the cover to Kill For Satan! manages to walk the line between these two states of being, its just abstract enough to be interesting but straight forward enough for you to know what you get.

    See where I’m going with this?

    Kill For Satan! is not approached as if its rocket science, there’s a setup in the first couple of chapters and then we’re into it; and by “into it” I mean carnage, a death a chapter – sometimes more – with a side helping of depravity.

    If you’re looking for great depth of character then this may not be the book for you but if you are more interested in a bloodfest with an 80’s movie aesthetic, complete with language, sex and violence that would earn disapproving looks from your mother, then this is almost certainly a book you should try out, especially if you prefer your books in an audio format.

    Sean Dereggers performance of Kill For Satan! is typical of his work. Always on-point and as no nonsense as the book he’s presenting, which is the way it should be done. This approach has the benefit of keeping the running time short giving Kill For Satan! the feel of a movie, the kind you have seen many times so merely hearing the soundtrack is enough for you to get all you needed to follow the plot.

    With this book that’s an easy one, because – not to put too fine a point on it – there’s almost no plot to speak of. Kill For Satan! can be summed up in three words… The title itself. A more complex synopsis could read: Satanists invade a small town and… Kill For Satan! In the good old style of a traditional VHS cover tag-line.

    This one is a good buy for a winters night, but a particularly good buy for an October night, its something you can get through in a few hours and have time over for a short story or two and what more could you want for on Halloween night?

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