Kidnapped by the Alien Dragon

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The crazy-hot alien dragon says he just wants to help.

Before the Pax kidnapped her to sell at auction, Lara was one of Hollywood’s most valuable starlets. But a flair for the dramatic won’t get her out of this mess. Lara’s on stage without a script – confused, lost, and relying on an alluring dragon-man who seems to like her spirit. 

An ambitious dragon built for conquest.

Lehar is second-in-command of the Hielsrane fleet. And still, this dragon wants more. He’s built for looting, not love, and he’s ready to use his ruthless edge to catapult himself to the position of commander, even if he has to steal the spot. Yet, when a slave’s rebellion catches his eye, something ignites deep in his chest.

Lust, he understands, but the human woman conjures something he hasn’t felt before, something he shouldn’t be capable of feeling. He’ll have to keep her close to make sense of it all, and her amusing antics and tempting body make that no hardship.  

But Lara is determined to get home, even if that means going through the captivating alien who just might be on her side. Is she merely his plaything? Or is there something more between them? If Lehar thinks he can keep her as a docile pet, he’ll soon learn that Lara is nobody’s fool.

Kidnapped by the Alien Dragon is an alien science fiction romance featuring a dragon-shifting alien warrior and the human woman who tames him. This steamy listen is for adults only!

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1 review for Kidnapped by the Alien Dragon

  1. Mia Harper

    This was a really fun read, I was enthralled from the beginning and finished far too quickly. Lara and Lahar’s story was sweet and funny, and I loved the introduction of flying dragon babies. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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