Kenny O: An Untold Story from the Annals of NYPD


During the 1970s New York City was a mecca for heroin and cocaine usage, with addiction a major health concern. The majority of these drugs were trafficked and sold by traditional organized crime families such as the Gambino, Bonnano, and Genovese LCN clans. One location where these groups planned, trafficked, and sold these drugs – affectionately called Boy for heroin and Girl for cocaine – was in the Bronx.

A special unit was put together to gather information on these groups and subsequently dismantle their networks. This unit of the NYPD, under the auspices of the Organized Crime Control Bureau, was able to accomplish this through many hard-working hours and the assistance of an informant, namely “Kenny O.”

The members of this group were diverse in nature, speaking Spanish and Italian as well as the Sicilian dialect. This memoir is the actual story of the relationship of Kenny O and Tony Pesca, the NYPD officer assigned to work with Kenny O in an undercover capacity to infiltrate these groups which included several violent and sociopathic members who eventually placed both Kenny O and Tony Pesca in harm’s way.

Kenny O was bright and had a humorous personality which led to a few cases that bring laughter to the listener. This story brings to the listener the life events of both Tony Pesca and Kenny O that led to their relationship.

But the success they achieved is unmatched in bringing down several notorious traffickers and contract killers. Additional information from Kenny O led to the conviction and incarceration of the head of the Gambino LCN family – John Gotti.


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