Keeper 829


Keeper 829 is Michael Camarillo’s debut novel. This dystopian fiction reshapes the way the world works by mixing historical storytelling with an imaginative (and dark) future. In this cautionary tale, listeners are taken to a world on the brink of collapse where humans are just another experiment in a cosmic vision fueled by genetic engineering. The oppressive organization that provides global harmony is not what it seems. Something inhuman is lurking in the shadows, and once the veil is dropped, listeners will join a race against the extermination clock in a multi-book series.

In 2098, a shadowy organization called The Institution governs a harmonious collective society. The new, faithless world is a veritable Eden.

Or is it?

Nesha Gray looks human but she’s not….

A letter and a stranger thrusts Nesha into a darker reality where humans are a crop for reaping. In a world of betrayal, deception, and genetic engineering, Nesha finds her purpose isn’t what she thought.

Only questions remain….

Who is coming? Are humans worth saving? Who are the real enemies?


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