Kama Sutra, Kama Sutra Love Making At It’s Finest! (techniques and positions)


Do you want to turn your boring sex life into an exciting, pleasurable experience?Do you want to learn to please your partner in ways you never knew existed?Are you looking for fun and interesting sex positions? If so, then let this book change your life!

If you have ever heard of the Kama Sutra, chances are that you heard about the hot, steamy sex positions that are included in this text. Though this is the most popular section of the Kama Sutra, it is not the only one. There are seven sections in the book of the Kama Sutra, each of them designated to give direction to men and women on experiencing pleasure to arrive at a level of divination.

The Kama Sutra refers to a treatise on desire and that it is exactly what the book is. It was an instruction manual made for the Hindu religion on how to experience different pleasures. Instead of abstaining from pleasure, the Hindus believe that it must be moderated as an essential part of life. Anyway, now let’s get to the fun stuff.

Stop for a moment and consider how many sexual positions you have ever practiced with your partner? Chances are, the number is a lot less than the hundreds of positions you will find between the pages of the Kama Sutra. This book will go over all the sections of the Kama Sutra, focusing especially on Section 2 that contains all the various sexual positions and techniques that are suggested for pleasure.

There are positions to benefit male pleasure, positions to benefit female pleasure, and positions to benefit both parties. Additionally, these have been enhanced with additional tips and information on why each position works.

What are you waiting for? Don’t settle for a boring sex life any longer. Read through the pages of the Kama Sutra and learn how to spice up your bedroom trysts.


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