Jamie & Brad


When Jamie married Brad, she was well aware of what it meant to marry a soldier – she was marrying into the army. The long and frequent deployments were something their family faced together. New orders meant more than a new base. They meant a new community, new schools, a new home, and new friends. Brad’s latest assignment promised a grueling deployment schedule to some of the most dangerous places a soldier could be sent. One thing was certain: The anxiety and stress would be nearly unbearable for Jamie and the kids. They knew it was best to move the family back to Brad’s hometown. On Éveiller Drive, Jamie found more than a home; she found friends that welcomed her and gave her the support she needed. 

One day Brad’s messages home mysteriously stop. The lack of communication sends Jamie into a panic like never before. Convinced something is terribly wrong, Jamie turns to her friends for much-needed comfort. When Brad finally makes contact, something has changed. Only Jamie has no idea of the effect combat has had on her husband. It very well could mean the end of their marriage. With the help of the women of Éveiller Drive, Brad may be able to finally come home.


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