Integrity: An Obsidian Guardian Novel


Gargoyles- Stone statues depicting hideous monsters that are said to chase away evil. What if the legends are closer to the truth than anyone knew? The Obsidian Guardians lived in daylight as statues of their spirit animals and stalked the night in human form. Created by witches as protectors to those families who were entrusted with magic. Families born only to keep balance in nature and save humanity. Audra Ketchum moved to Integrity three months ago to escape her past and find anonymity. Her hopes and dreams for finding a fresh start were not in the cards of fate. After starting college and finding employment at an antique shop she finds herself thrust into a world of magic, conspiracy, passion and murder. Castile, an Obsidian Guardian appointed with protecting Audra, feels that he is always on the verge of failure after the deaths of his last charges. Loyal to a fault, and naïve, Castile hopes that his Troop will find their way back to the true purpose of their nature. To protect the Chosen. Ultimately, Audra and Castile must face their respective pasts in order to secure their future. Working together, can they find love and move closer to freeing the world from the Dark Ones, demons and horrors hell bent on destroying humankind and stealing magic for their own nefarious purposes?


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