Indigo Worlds


Indigo Worlds invites listeners to explore the depths to which one will go to thwart an alien attack, find a murderer, unravel deep, dark secrets in unfamiliar territory, defeat terrorists before they strike, and fight to reclaim their lives and keep chaos at bay. One-part Twilight Zone plus one part the X-files promises a bumpy ride to the thrilling end in this four-book bundle.

Looking Up at the Stars begins with a near devastating crash that leaves a space warrior stranded and follows his efforts to fix his ship and ultimately stop an impending attack on planet Earth before alien forces unleash their fury.

In Beyond Reality, one man’s world is turned upside down when his wife dies under mysterious circumstances. Follow his journey as he hunts for answers in a peculiar town with even more peculiar inhabitants.

The Impossible Boy introduces a young boy who witnesses the unthinkable and will stop at nothing to find his parents and reclaim what was taken from him.

Strange World shows what happens when a world full of innovative and powerful technological advances wreaks havoc on the life of a woman who is stranded on a deserted island with no hope of ever seeing her loved ones again.

Will ordinary citizens summon the courage and the fortitude to solve the otherworldly powers they come face-to-face with or are they doomed before they’ve even started?

Find out in this four-book sci-fi bundle today!


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