In the Great Together – 1 Act Plays

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Each of these one-act plays resonates with sharp, memorable dialogue and diverse and powerful themes, plots, and characters.  1-“Maximilian” takes place in 1867 in a prison cell the night before the execution of Maximilian, the former Emperor of Mexico. A fellow aristocrat, smuggled into the prison as a stable boy, tries to talk his friend into leaving Mexico and returning to Austria, rather than be executed.      2-“Cry of the Boy,” an existential drama, delves into the everyday life of a 17-year-old boy and his dysfunctional relationships with his mother and father.  3-“The Devil and Don Quixote” is a modern adaptation of the classic Cervantes tale. Here Don Quixote is a man who has just escaped from an old age home aided by his former attendant, Sancho.  4- “Scorpio” explores the relationship between a 20-year-old woman, named Tom, and Stanley, a 19-year-old who wanders into Tom’s apartment as he goes door to door in a Bronx apartment building, selling merchandise made by the blind.


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