Imitating Art

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It was a true story from his time in the Caribbean, and told casually in a bar in SE Asia…

but it triggered a strange and unexpected response.

A writer backpacking in Asia finds himself a quiet place to work. It’s a guest house in the off-season. As he settles down to work on a crime story and finds a bar girl who wants to be his muse.

Once he tells the story, just because a bar girl wants to hear it, fiction and reality blur together in a curious combination. And the outcome changes his entire situation.

1 review for Imitating Art

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Yes, I dare say this story, in this type of small town, would ring true with a lot of blow ins. People may not be running from the law, but something in their past. Hiding out in plan sight, in a place so bland and boring, it seems illogical for anyone to be there, unless they had a very good reason.
    I have encountered this author’s work previously, and find it different and refreshing.

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