Ice Station Wolfenstein

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Sam Cleave, reporter for a small newspaper, has seen better days. After his partner was killed during an undercover investigation, he lost his passion for work and living.

But when a resident of a nearby assisted living home is tortured and murdered in a barbaric manner, he starts investigating. He is especially intrigued when a mysterious box is given to him that belonged to the dead man, but he needs help to interpret what it means.

He teams up with Nina Gould, an expert in World War II history. Soon the two of them realize that they are about to discover one of the best-guarded secrets of the war. It dawns on them that this would be the discovery of a lifetime, a discovery of immeasurable value, and a discovery that men would kill for. They join an expedition, sponsored by an eccentric billionaire, hunting for gold and breathtaking art buried deep below the Antarctic surface. Instead of gold and stolen art, they find something terrifyingly disturbing beneath the eternal ice.

A team of Nazi scientists has made an amazing discovery. But experiments have gone terribly wrong. The situation gets out of hand, and before long the expedition members find themselves peering into the deepest recesses of the human soul. Nina and Sam realize that their only hope for survival is to unlock the secrets of Ice Station Wolfenstein.

1 review for Ice Station Wolfenstein

  1. Darc Librarian

    Sam Cleave, washed up journalist is asked by his cop best friend Paddy to help with the investigation into the brutal murder of an elderly German. When he is given a mysterious box it leads him on a deadly adventure to find Nazi treasure and a secret Ice Station.

    Along the way he teams up with beautiful WWII history expert Dr. Nina Gould and eccentric billionaire Dave Purdue. During a treacherous Antarctic expedition the team discovers the secret Nazi base and the deadly secret it contains. A deadly secret that could destroy the world. The battle to survive has begun!

    Overall this was an excellent fast paced action thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed despite the poor narration and my growing dislike of the self absorbed Nina.

    Regardless I will continue listening to the series as I fell in love with Sam. An everyday hero facing extraordinary situations bravely and with a wicked sense of humour. Roll on the next deadly adventure.

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