I Married A Dick Doctor Who Fixes Women Too

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The numbers are staggering, and nobody wants to talk about it. We are not talking about your money or being broke. It’s bigger than that!

More than half the men in this country are affected at some point in their lives by erectile dysfunction. Too many men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer or have difficulty trying to pee. You can add Viagra, Cialis, and penile implants to the conversation and now it just got better! 

This new frontier approach known as men’s health is the new best practice for getting your sex life back on track. Women are not far behind with persistent problems being sexually aroused, achieving orgasm or dealing with vagina issues such as pain during sex. Hormone cures and keto diets seem to be the new fitness approach, while integrating mindfulness and Kegel exercises. 

The reality of pelvic pain is real and there are solutions to improving pelvic health. Mixing meditation, awareness, emotions, and sex is a new frontier to solving the mystery behind lack of desire. The approaches available today are right up there with paleo diets, apple cider vinegar, and the truth about wheat, carbs and sugar and what they can do to the human body. It matters what you eat and drink and the kind of doctor you seek out when your plumbing breaks down and you start to leak. It doesn’t hurt to continue with the affirmations or a purpose driven life, while trying to practice tapping on steroids. 

Your personal journey towards finding plumbing solutions for incontinence for both men and women are more than a mindset or willpower instinct. Who knew the joy of being able to pee on command? You no longer to live in fear of leaking out in public because your pelvic floor and bladder failed you. Urology issues will make you laugh and cry at the same time. But, don’t do that or you might leak! 

Although this is no laughing matter, urology and your plumbing is the most entertaining conversation you will have with your closest friends.

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  1. Madeline Zech Ruiz

    This book is very well done. The light hearted approach to discussing all things urology was refreshing and cleverly done. The author takes a taboo subject and makes it easy to understand with some entertaining stories to keep the reader engaged. This book is easy to recommend and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I learned a lot of things about my human plumbing!

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