How to write an Amazon fiction book that SELLS


From getting ideas, through development, writing, and finished draft to publication and promotion.

This is the definitive book about writing a Kindle book that sells, by a published author who has written many such books – as well as being published by major US and British publishers. Packed with useful information and illustrative examples – mostly drawn from successful books by famous authors – this book covers everything from:

  • Getting ideas for stories
  • Developing raw ideas into a full-blown storyline
  • Doing research (when it’s necessary) and avoiding it when it isn’t
  • Writing exciting action sequences that hold the listener in your grip
  • Making your dialogue crackle
  • Creating realistic and interesting characters
  • Describing things in a way that is both evocative to the mind’s eye and pleasing to hear
  • Choosing the right voice and point of view
  • Pacing your story
  • Grabbing the listener’s attention from the get-go without going over the top
  • Ending the book in a way that leaves the listener both satisfied and wanting to hear your next book
  • Maintaining self-discipline throughout the writing process
  • Publishing your book for the Kindle, CreateSpace, and other platforms
  • Steering clear of the pitfalls of self-publishing and the scourge of vanity publishing
  • Promoting your book.

This is no lightweight, quick-fix, paint-by-the-numbers “how to” guide. This is a full-length, detailed book that will really set your creative juices flowing and give you the techniques to develop your raw ideas into a finished, saleable book. Armed with the knowledge in this book, you will be able to write a novel that flows like a river and connects like a quick-fisted prizefighter.

And remember: Connecting with the listener is what it is all about.

This book uses real-world examples – drawn from best-selling books by some of the world’s most successful authors – to show you how to write a book that holds your listeners’ interest from the opening line to the closing sentence. You will learn how to develop your story, to set about telling it, the do’s and don’ts of publishing it, and how to sell the finished item once you have launched it into the market – including some things that might be worth doing before that!


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