How to Kiss a Debutante


Aletha Dewitt has led a charmed life. At least, that is how it appears from the outside looking in. Yes, she has had everything a person could possibly desire – except real respect. Because she was born female, her grandfather doesn’t believe she is capable enough to be a part of the family business. 

What he doesn’t realize is she has more ideas and ambition than her brother will ever have. She sets out to prove to him she’s more than up to the task. Nothing will stand in her way, not even love.

Rafael Conte Leone is traveling to attend the wedding of one of his closest friends. He never imagined he’d meet the woman of his dreams on a train, but he fully intends to do everything possible to win her heart. Even help her take the mantle of one of the largest candy suppliers in the country. The problem is convincing the lady that they belong together.

With Christmas around the corner, miracles are a very real possibility. Both Rafael and Aletha start to believe they could have it all with the magic of love.


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