Hound of Night

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Sometimes, the magic is real.

John Seton is a grifter, an ex-pat Scots kid working penny-ante magic tricks on the streets of L.A. But John has a secret. In his family, sometimes, the magic is real. And sometimes, it gets him noticed.

A man named Dante Grimm tells him he’s the modern incarnation of a knight of old and that he is part of a group of companions tasked with holding back the darkness to come in a battle the likes of which the world hasn’t seen in centuries, a battle against a foe straight out of their worst nightmares.

Grimm sets Seton a quest, to find an item that is required to stop the coming dark, an ancient piece of leather of uncertain provenance, and high magic.

Seton sets out onto the streets, and quickly finds that he is not the only one after the halter. He is soon at odds with friends, family and foes alike, and when he is betrayed by the one person he has always been closest to, the quest comes to a head.

Seton has a hound on his tail, and he will have to travel far to avoid it, further than he has ever traveled before.

Beyond the veil, where the darkness is real, and the hounds bay loudly.

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2 reviews for Hound of Night

  1. Darc Librarian

    Scotsman Jon Seton is a grifter, musician and a magic user. When Dante sets him the seemingly impossible task of tracking a leather halter that controls a hound of hell it sets him on a journey of discovery. A journey where he will face betrayal, loss and a family secret. A journey where he finally becomes the man he is meant to be. Where friends and enemies become intertwined and the only thing he can count on is himself, a magic mirror, his skill in knowing how to play the long game and what makes a good mark.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lawrence really is a brilliant narrator and brought Scot Jon to life as well as all the other diverse characters. I particular enjoyed the ‘ladies’ in the mirror.

    Thoroughly recommended to all readers who enjoy Snarky Urban Fantasy.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Another knight, another question! This one an old leather lead, but off course, there’s a lot more than that.
    A collector of magical artifacts, a woman, held captive, wanting freedom. A dynasty of red headed Scottish Seton’s, that have helped civilization through using their wits.

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