Hot Rod and Little Cowboy


It was a hot sunny suburban afternoon in the spring of 1956. Gay still meant jolly and boys could be buddies and fool around without ever having heard the word homosexual. Fun was fun, and there was no guilt as long as no one knew….      

In the driveway Ken watched Bradley’s broad shoulders as he leaned over the engine of the car he was souping up. His blue jeans pants pulled tight over his round reaching backside, looking a like an open hamburger bun. It wasn’t more then few more sweaty minutes of tinkering and sun before he was shirtless. As Ken handed Brad tools, he leaned in to run his grey eyes over his best friend’s tight stomach and deep red nipples. Kneeling to set tools back in the toolbox in the driveway, his friend’s teenage rump made his mouth water, as its twin curves whited beneath the denim fabric. Buns, there was a reason they were called buns….Ken licked his lips and was suddenly very hungry.  

Brad was hot, sweet and sexually inexperienced, Ken was very experienced and ready to teach his best friend about it all. Together they have the best night of their young lives.


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