Holly in December

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She’s “Hopeless”….

When Hope ran away from home at 17, it was just the start of a downward spiral that led to mistakes that have plagued her since. Now accused of a crime, she’s lost her job and housing. With a young daughter to care for, she finds a place at a church-run shelter. 

Nick Slater is a new assistant pastor at Headley Cross Baptist. His focus should be on his job and volunteering at the shelter, but when the same woman keeps crossing his path, he knows God has orchestrated their meetings and resolves to help her, no matter what it takes. But even while scents of holly and fresh-baked pies fill the air with Christmas joy and Nick finds himself falling in love with Hope and her little girl, the dark stain of Hope’s past threatens to affect Nick’s career.

Should he ignore the urge to save his reputation, or is God teaching him a heavenly lesson?

1 review for Holly in December

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    We have heard of the missing sister, Hope in other episodes.
    Well, we finally met her and her daughter Angel. Unfortunately, it isn’t during a good time in Hope’s life, being dismissed from her Social Security job, under a dark cloud of suspicion, due to different allegations against her.
    She finds shelter, and also runs across Pastor Nick.
    There is suspense and angst when things take a decided turn for the worst.
    However, the community pulls together and .. Well your best read it in the author’s own words.
    Again, for those who may be offended by a Christian faith perspective, this book/ series may not be for you.

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