Hold My Heart


Aspiring author Travis Goldman has saved his money by living with rich relatives all his life. He doesn’t mind working crazy hours at a beachside resort, especially if it means he can provide for the girl of his dreams – if only he can find her.

Chloe Savage didn’t choose to have all these health problems that her sister is convinced she’s made up just to make everyone else’s life difficult. All Chloe can do is press on, trust God, and pray that her piano teaching business will take off. It has to, because it seems she’s failed at everything else.

When Chloe finally attends the Bible study her grandma’s been prodding her to go to, she makes it quite clear to everyone there that marriage is for the weak at heart. She, for one, will never give herself to another, because all that comes from love and commitment is a truckload of hurt.

Will anything be able to break through Chloe and thaw her icy exterior? All she knows is that she must keep Travis at arm’s length and not let him into her heart. That is, until the unthinkable happens…

A sweet, clean romance by Christian romance author Nikki Larson. Glorifying God by weaving biblical truth into realistic fiction.


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