His Too-Tempting Stepdaughter

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Everything in Adam’s life seems to be going wrong. First his wife ran off, leaving him in charge of her sexy teenage daughter. Now things are getting even worse. Brenna and he are stuck in the mountains, their rickety old Winnebago is out of gas, and a fierce blizzard is blowing in. Brenna is gorgeous, stacked, and totally innocent. It’s bad enough that he’s lusted after her for longer than he can remember…now it seems like she’s starting to want him, too! He aches to be her first lover, and teach her what hot, sweaty passion is all about. But he swore a sacred vow to protect her, even from himself. How long can he keep his hands off…His Too-Tempting Stepdaughter?

~~~~~ PG excerpt ~~~~~

“You’d better try to get some sleep.” 

Adam’s voice was uneven, and his chest hurt. So did his surging shaft. But he’d promised to protect her, and he would-even from himself. 

“What about you?” 

She patted the edge of the bed. 

“There’s room for both of us…and we’re both gonna freeze if we don’t.” 

He was pumping off enough heat to melt an igloo! 

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” 


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