High Stakes


A lone shot rings out, changing everything….

Killian O’ Neill controls the pulse of the vibrant horse racing world in the Finger Lakes region of New York. He also has ties to a powerful Syndicate in Ireland. Carlyn Murphy is the investigative reporter who took comfort in his arms for one night, and then walked away.

On the trail of a story that could rock the thoroughbred racing industry and has far larger complications, a lone shot rings out. Instead of it hitting its intended target, Killian takes the bullet for Carlyn.

Saving his mate brings chaos, sizzling heat, and enough chemistry to melt both your panties and your mobile device.

The Syndicate Masters were assigned as guardians by the goddess over six centuries ago. Each generation brings new and different challenges. These ruthless and wild dons are the protectors, the guardians of their territories.

On the Eastern Seaboard, the Masters control horse racing, casinos, and gambling, among other things. Get ready for over the top, possessive mob bosses who will do what is needed to find and protect their fated mates.


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