High Roller

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Axel gave Victoria the impossible choice, and she chose him.


My brother is dead. He’s been dead for five years and no one seems inclined to bring those who killed him to justice. Well, no one except me.


I’m in negotiation with the Albanian mob. They think I’m going to stand with them against the others. They’re wrong. Atlantic City is my town… or at least it’s going to be. And then I see her across a crowded bar at one of the city’s best casinos.

When Axel saves me from a drunk at the Blue Eye, I let myself have a wonderful weekend of indulgence and pleasure. When Axel wants me for arm candy at a high stakes poker game I figure why not?

Only that poker game is about far more than I knew, and now I’m caught up in it with no way out.

The Syndicate Masters are in the US! They were assigned as guardians by the goddess over six centuries ago. Each generation brings new and different challenges. These ruthless and wild dons are the protectors, the guardians of their territories.

On the Eastern Seaboard, the masters control horse racing, casinos, and gambling, among other things. Get ready for over the top, possessive mob bosses who will do what is needed to find and protect their fated mates.

1 review for High Roller

  1. Vicki

    I really enjoyed this book and absolutely loved Axel. He was wonderful! It was great how he planned a meet up with Tori since he knew she was his mate. At times, Tori could be a pain. Axel was so patient and protective of her. I would love to know how things turned out at the end after he bit her. JT Farrell did a wonderful job with the narration.

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