High Bet


At night, he invades my dreams. During the day, I can’t forget the way he made me feel during those dreams….

I am the leader of a rogue band of vixens who left our origin skulk to live our dream—owning a catering company. The problem is our dream costs money, and we don’t have any. The solution is doing what foxes do best…steal. Now, I’m way in way over my head. The only thing standing between us and real danger is Jace Evans.

I am the leader of the Calos Syndicate and the Florida Panther clan. I deal in gambling, arms dealing, smuggling, and a lot of legitimate business that aren’t nearly as much fun as the illegal ones. In the next few weeks, I’m opening a new luxury casino featuring a roulette wheel that once belonged to the Marquis de Sade.

Bonding dreams with my fated have been an unexpected delight, and have revealed the truth of who she is. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! She is neither panther nor human: she’s a sexy fox-shifter with a nasty temper, and a rebellious streak a mile wide. Turning her is forbidden, and she’s determined to fight me. But what do I care? I love a challenge, anything forbidden, and if it’s illegal, so much the better.

In the end, I will win everything. She’ll come to me, and when she does, I’ll make all her deepest, darkest dreams come true.

The Syndicate Masters are in the US! They were assigned as Guardians by the goddess over six centuries ago. Each generation brings new and different challenges. These ruthless and wild dons are the protectors, the guardians of their territories.

On the Eastern Seaboard, the Masters control horse racing, casinos, and gambling, among other things. Get ready for over the top, possessive mob bosses who will do what is needed to find and protect their fated mates.


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