Hidden in Plain Lies

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For 100 years, the Amphibite Empire ruled Earth. To disagree with them is to die. Detective David Ferguson knows better than to argue: limping from place to place on his cane, he’s just itching to get a good case thrown his way.

Police Chief Teagarden gave him a missing persons case. A comfort girl who went off the grid. It should have been simple. But his best bet for tracking her down is a lowlife drug pusher who’s pushing something a lot more dangerous: truth.

Maybe the Empire is not all it seems. Maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors. Maybe its hiding something much simpler – and more sinister as a result. As Ferguson falls deeper into the web of suspicion and lies, he learns that the truth hiding in lies is always the most volatile…

1 review for Hidden in Plain Lies

  1. Norma Miles

    “As easy as shooting junkies in a barrel.”
    A short story – but so much is effortlessly packed into so short a space. Not a word is unnecessary with clean, lean sentences, Raymond Chandler style. It’s 101 AL (After liberation), and a comfort girl has gone missing. The ‘lowly detective’ in Indianapolis Police Force is handed the missing person case. But there’s something about this one that spells danger. Written in the first person, and with a well selected placing of sound effects – dripping water, page turning and so on – the occasional music which comes between sections lopes along, and so does the text.

    Narration is by Jason Sprinver, whose strong, despite voice carries just the right authority for the part. His delivery is clear, decisive with just the right thing of uncertainty, pace perfect and well modulated with individual voicings for each protagonist. A fine performance.

    This is a neat little story with immense boundariess, it’s 40 minute story delivers character, world situation, adventure, emotion, descriptive location and a glimpse to the future. Superb. I downloaded Hidden in Plain Sight as a freely gifted complimentary audio book from Audiobooks Unleashed. My thanks to the rights holder for making it available to all who request a copy. A step into a different universe and recommended

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