Her Master’s Slave


Born into nobility, sold into slavery, Antonia Aliana’s life takes an unexpected turn.

Believing herself agreeably married, Aliana’s world suddenly shatters when her treacherous husband callously discards her. Attempting to salvage her fate, she unwittingly shackles herself to an enigmatic and potentially ruthless master. While he may yet prove to be her saviour, he could equally be her undoing. Her future is now very uncertain.

Have the gods forsaken her? Or, is she more than capable of rescuing herself?

‘Dominicus looked at the bundle in his arms. Even unconscious, her whole body shivered. He studied her voluptuous figure. He found her face enchanting. Despite her current pallor she was still breathtakingly beautiful with full lips and to his surprise, obviously plucked, delicately arched eyebrows. His body stirred with unexpected arousal; his observation forgotten. He shook his head, chuckling at the turn of his thoughts. Am I that much of a cur to take advantage of her now? No, he reassured himself.

First, he needed to revive her.’

Set in ancient Rome during the reign of the unpredictable Emperor Nero, Her Master’s Slave can be read or listened to as a stand-alone historical romance or as book 1 in Tales from Ancient Rome to Entertain & Enthral.


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