Her Guard-Dangerous Chess Book 4


Rook is not taking any more of our players under my watch.

Rook’s last move gutted all of us, but he made what is probably a fatal mistake. Little did any of us know the woman we all called Granny had a secret boyfriend. Milo is ex-FBI and he’s pissed. Milo wants blood just as much as we all do. Milo has become a mentor to all of us and there are perks. 

We have a new mark. And we have one chance to prove to Milo’s FBI friends that Rook and his deranged Queen are real and not some New Orleans police force urban legend. If we can get the FBI on our side, they can go places we can’t. They’ll have additional resources. They may boot us out the entire investigation, but I don’t care. Rook and Serena need to pay for what they’ve taken from us. 

After their last move, I can’t imagine what they have in store for Misty. 

Dangerous Chess:

  • Fugitive (Misty)
  • Her Cop (Casey)
  • Her Artist (Aiden)
  • Her Guard (Gareth)
  • The Rook Takes Their Queen (Andre)


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