Her Cop-Dangerous Chess Book 2

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A dangerous game of chess is at work, and I don’t know how to play.

Had one job. Protect Misty. Protect the woman I loved. I’m a cop; it should have been second nature. Instead, I bring evil into our house, and she got kidnapped. I have a new job. Find out how a cop from Los Angeles and a cop from New Orleans got together to plot to kidnap Misty in the first place. Dillion would have known he would have gotten busted helping Jake. The who, what, and why aren’t making sense, and I don’t know if Misty is still in danger.

I need my friends to look where I can’t legally. Our hunt leads us to a man who only goes by Rook. He’s the link between Dillion and Jake, and he’s playing a dangerous game of chess. Rook has pawns and knights under his control, and I’m guessing he’s mad as hell someone as small as Misty lost him some of his players.

I’m surrounded by snakes, and I don’t know who to trust. I have to figure out who is a knight and who is a pawn so that they can lead me to Rook before anything happens to Misty and my friends.

Dangerous Chess: A Contemporary Reverse Harem series

  • Fugitive (Misty)
  • Her Cop (Casey)
  • Her Artist (Aiden)
  • Her Guard (Gareth)
  • Her Knight (Andre)
  • The Rook Takes Their Queen


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